Monday, November 5, 2012

November Bright Rainbows

I have new dyes and I'm not afraid to use them! I spent three days last week dyeing and experimenting and here are the results:
Left top and bottom: 194g ad 196g Woolganic 8ply in a double bright rainbow. The green as naughty and ran a little, so I am charging $25 each and including postage. I'm over dyeing 200g lots - they just don't fit nicely in my steamer.

Middle top: 2 x 100pure single Ply worsted 100g in a double Bright Rainbow. This is so soft and squishy. $12 each

Top Right: Bollywood 197g Woolganic 8ply Worsted. $25 including Postage. This is a fun gradient of blue, pink, purple, red and orange.

Middle bottom: 2 x 100pure Single Ply worsted 100g in Variegated classic Rainbow. $12 each.

Bottom right: Random Bright rainbow on Woolganic 10ply 197g. $25 including Postage.

email me at for more information

I can also make up 100g blanks in 100pure 3Ply or Single Worsted. I'm experimenting with SW gradients, but they don't work very well using the blanks.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rainbows are GO!

After much self-doubt and all out war with my printer, I've decided to launch my hand-dyed yarn business. All my products are hand dyed by me and are thus very quirky. I love to let the colours run together and don't care about perfection. Hand-made is hand-made to me and should really look like it's held together with love and not manufactured on a machine. This I have learned the hard way...

That being said, I do use a knitting machine to make my banks, but it is powered by me and is a fairly aerobic work-out. I am still finding my groove, so no yarn or style is set and all open to useful suggestions. At this point it is all experimentation and this is reflected in the prices.

So here we go....
 Postage is extra on all items.
Two 100g worsted single ply rainbows - $20 each These were dyed at the same time, so could be used to make a single project.
 One 8ply Woolganic rainbow - 183g. The red is more plum/burgundy. $25
One 10ply/Worsted Uruguay 3ply rainbow - about 96g. This has the darker red. $20
Rainbow with pink niblets - seven skeins of 48-50g semi-solid colours. One in 10ply/Worsted Single and one in 10ply/Worsted Three Ply. $40
Undyed blanks:

100g 10ply/Worsted 3 Ply - $12 each They are roughly 45cm x 60cm. I found best results came when they were gently washed before being soaked for dyeing.
5 available

If you would like to buy any of my offerings, please e-mail me at Paypal is preferred, although I'll accept direct deposit for Australian Customers.

Custom Orders?
I am open to custom orders, although the turn around may be slow as I am still deciding what yarns to stock. I have a small stash of Woolganic 8, 10 and 12 ply as well as some 100pure 3ply.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Rainbow week!

It's been rainbow week for me. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday saw me dyeing up rainbow gradients on all different weights of yarn. I must admit that the last one on Wednesday was a bit of an effort, but it was experimental because of the number of knots in the yarn.  I like the result so much I'll repeat with a nicer skein of yarn. I shall call it wonky rainbow.

Rainbow skeins drying on a fine Alice Monday

The knitting machine has been clunking away making up blanks from undyed yarn. I've been knitting and designing like crazy. Walking the dog has become an expedition for seed pods and flowers that can be translated into knitted motifs. 

Most of the skeins and blanks will be on sale tomorrow. I'll just be selling from here while I figure out whether to start a small business or keep it as a hobby. I like the rainbows so much, I'd like to keep them all...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Well, let's see what happens

This is rather odd. Since I spend most of my life thinking about knitting or yarn, it may be good to write it all down and forget about the tiresome necessity of work.

I cast on a  new project today and I have another skein sitting here to cast on a second. Periodically I will cast on a lot of projects, so there is always something interesting to pick up when I'm too busy to think. The first is a Dolce Beret by Sheryl Greenfield. I'm using Becoming Art Cielo Worsted, colourway Neverland. The lace will possibly get a bit lost in the colour explosion, but I'm pretty impressed with the 5cm already knitted.

The second skein is a surprise purchase! Well, Kiri at Yay for Yarn was having a sale a few weeks back and I decided to nab some Dream In Color yarns I had beein eyeing for a while. Well, this skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Satsuma just jumped in my basket and refused to get out. Yarn does that - worse than puppy dogs for following you home. It also asked to be turned into a Marmalade Shawl by Tetiana Otruta.  I'll have to fiddle around to figure out how to post the Ravelry links. I don't want my brain to explode too soon.